A Dog's Best Friend
Season 3, Episode 75
Dog ´s best friend
Air date 2 July 2004
Written by Rhett Walton
Directed by David Evans
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A Dog's Best Friend is the twenty-third episode of Blinky Bill Season 3.


Blinky, Nutsy, Flap and Penelope arrive in Paris. They go to the home of Penelope´s mistress. Nobody is home. Penelope searches poodle named Maurice and he says where Penelopes´s mistress lives. Mistress lost money and she has a new pet; a cat. Penelope is sad when she asks Maurice, then he finds her a new home. Maurice wants Penelope´s necklace. The Circus brothers take mistress's cat and Penelope trades for her necklace. Blinky trades the necklace for Cyril´s teddy bear and brings back the necklace to mistress. Penelope stays with her mistress and leaves Blinky's gang.



  • Penelope is the last new friend to leave Blinky's gang.
  • The episode's working title was Penny Does Paris.


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