A Stitch in Time
Season 3, Episode 58
BB S3e6
Air date 15 June 2004
Written by Phil Sanders
Directed by David Evans
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Flap's New Family
Leo Leads the Way

A Stitch in Time is the sixth episode of Blinky Bill Season 3.


Blinky and his friends fly to Africa and Nutsy tells a story of when Blinky and Flap were in a mine. Blinky stole miss Magpie's mine requsites and goes with Flap to the mine to search for treasure. They find the only mine helm but a beam fell on Flap and he is stuck. Blinky runs home for his Mom, Dad and Nutsy and together they go to the mine to save Flap. They rescue Flap, but the mine collapses and Blinky and Flap look for another way out.




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