Ah-Phat is a weasel who tried to help the Bros. catch the animals. She took Tico's job. She wears a blue shirt and a conical hat. She was soon fired after losing the animals.

Bio in season 3Edit

She has only appeared in Panda Pandemonium. At some point she had found Basil Circus and Cyril Circus and provided some luxury to them. She also meets Tico to whom Ah-Phat calls a pigeon (and in return Tico calls Ah-Phat a rat) and misdirects him away from the brothers as she replaced the toucan. When Tico discovered this he felt betrayed and developed a rivalry with the weasel. After arriving to where the Panda Colony was at Ah-Phat proposed using puppets to scare them into a trap: the plan worked, as all the pandas present along with Princess Penelope, Yoyo, Nutsy and Flap wandered right to their trap (a truck), though when Basil found-out that Ling Ling and Blinky Bill (the latter being the primary target) were unaccounted for the human got angry at Ah-Phat, who was clueless on what to do until Flap accidentally revealed they had gone up a mountain with a dragon on it to search for more bamboo. Ah-Phat was then seen being a lookout for Ling Ling and Blinky, but was tricked to leaving her post by Tico. Upon discovering that their truck was being stolen Basil again snaps at Ah-Phat, threatening to fire her should their prisoners escape. They follow the truck up the very mountain the dragon (actually a statue that acts as a form of security-system for the Mountain Guardians) resides, though Ah-Phat dismisses it as fake, until they came to it, it was here that Basil does fire Ah-Phat and rehires Tico. Despite this she still wants to join them, but Tico had tied a rope from the caravan to the brothers' bike and they flew off. Ah-Phat was left behind and was last seen swearing vengeance at Tico.

She was voiced by Rachel King.


Ah-Phat is shown to be sly and sinister, sharing this with Basil, which could be one of the reasons she was given Tico's job. She's also shown to be a bit stubborn, as she wasn't willing to lose her job with the Circus Bros. even when she already had, blaming Tico for it