Algenon Arcraide

Television show

The Adventures of Blinky Bill

Full name





Yoram Gross


Robyn Moore

Friends and Relatives

Professor Arcraide (father)
Mrs. Arcraide (mother)
Blinky Bill

Algenon is a little koala boy who arrives at Greenpatch with his parents Professor Arcraide and his wife, Mrs. Arcraide. He is a former school captain, former judo shaomion and he use to play violin. He is very similar to Blinky. Nutsy is interesting about him. Blinky changes identity with Algenon in the episode Who Is Blinky Bill?.


While Algenon does resemble Blinky on the outside, they're the opposite on the inside: Algenon is shown to be more well-behaved and tidy whereas Blinky is rambunctious and messy. This is probably one of the reasons he was elected a school-captain even though he doesn't go to Green Patch School.but then he works for Danny Dingo and pretended to be blinky s friends and shifty realizes that Algenon is one of the villains and tries to tell nutsy but she doesn’t believe him until she Realized that shifty was telling the truth and kicks Algenons butt and says he’s noting but a big fat liar and nutsy apologise to shifty and Algenon gets dunked by milkshakes with Danny and the villains and nutsy kisses shifty at the end Algenon becomes cruel And selfish and greedy and mean and becomes a Bully and always bullies shifty nutsy hates algenon algenon is uncaring and cocky and evil and rude arrogant

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