Beryl and Cheryl
Cheryl and Beryl


Blinky Bill the Movie

Full name

Beryl and Cheryl



Created by

Dorothy Wall


Toni Collette (2015 film)


Blinky Bill
Mr. Bill
Mrs. Bill


Sir Claude



Beryl and Cheryl are two motor-mouthed Aussie Emus. They've known each other for so long; they might as well share the same brain. In fact, they probably do! Chatty and chummy, they spend their days gossiping and yearn-ing to fly.

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Blinky Bill the MovieEdit

At Wombo's Hideout Blinky, Nutsy and Jacko are trying run for it out off Wombo's car, They are given a scare by Beryl the emu and her sister Cheryl the emu, Wombo with Blinky, Nutsy and Jacko are on their way to croc canyon to find Blinky's father the koala, he saved them from the quicksand and they take them for a ride. At the desert they have a race across those rocks, next Cheryl and Beryl are asleep with Jacko near the waterhole. And then they arrived at croc canyon, they say goodbye to Blinky, Nutsy and Jacko. Then the next day Beryl and Cheryl saw the old car with the rooftops, it was Wombo with Blinky's mother Betty who is looking for Blinky. And then at the zoo Betty Beryl and Cheryl need to lift the flyer with William, Nutsy, Jacko and Jorge to rescue Blinky from that crazy feral cat Sir Claude after Sir Claude has been eaten by the saltwater crocodile, at the zoo Blinky hopped on the flyer with Nutsy, Jacko, Jorge, William, Betty, Beryl and Cheryl, they pass Wombo on his car and they head back home to Greenpatch.


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