Blinky Bill's Around the World Adventures
Season 3, Episode 0
Season 3 intro
Air date 2004-2004
Written by Phil Sanders
Chris Phillips
Lisa Hoppe
Fiona Kelly
Maryam Master
Gina Roncoli
David Witt
Fiona Bozic
Melanie Alexander
Rhett Walton
Andy Ryan
Directed by David Evans
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Blinky Bill's Extraordinary Balloon Adventure (also known as Blinky Bill's Around the World Adventures or simply titled Blinky Bill) is the third season of Blinky Bill produced by Yoram Gross in 2003 and aired in 2004.


Blinky Bill, Nutsy Flap splodge Marcia shifty and their crew travel around the world in a hot air balloon that takes them on exciting adventures while being chased by two humans named Basil and Cyril Circus who are the Circus Bros. The animals he rescued were: Ling-Ling the Panda, Slippery the Seal, Yoyo the Monkey, Princess Penelope Poodle, Leo the Lion, and Tico the Toucan (who originally works for the Circus Bros.). They went to Antarctica, Africa, China, the Amazon, India and Paris.


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Great Escape "The Great Escape" Phil Sanders 10 June 2004 #01
The Circus has come to the Bush run by the Circus Bros. Basil and Cyril. Blinky, Nutsy and Flap sneak into the Circus, and find that the circus animals are mistreated and need freedom. Blinky accidentally does a trapeze stunt which intrigues Basil. Blinky, Nutsy, Flap and the animals seize their chance to escape in a makeshift hot-air balloon.
Blinky Bill Bushwhacked 2 "Bushwhacked" Phil Sanders 11 June 2004 #02
Blinky, Nutsy, Flap and the circus animals land in another part of the bush where Blinky teaches them survival skills. Meanwhile the Circus Bros. go to Greenpatch and trap the residents to lure Blinky in. Blinky and Nutsy come to the rescue and drive off the Circus Bros. and so Blinky and his friends start their trip around the world.
Antartic Adventure Ship "Antarctic Adventure" David Witt 12 June 2004 #03
Blinky heads for Antarctica to take Slippery home. The Circus Bros. pursue them on a trawler with a man named Skipper the Scurvy who had previously caught Slippery. Slippery falls out of the caravan into the boat. Blinky makes a daring rescue and Slippery returns the favour and they stop an attempted seal trapping, allowing Slippery to rejoin his family.
Polar Peril "Polar Peril" Gina Roncoli 13 June 2004 #04
After a rough landing on the ice, Blinky and Nutsy go their separate ways to a human village to get some gas for the balloon, while the others form a search party to rescue Ling-Ling from an ice abyss. Blinky and Nutsy work together to outrun the Circus Bros. and procure the gas tank. Blinky manages to inflate the Balloon and depart from Antarctica.
Flap´s new family pinguin´s baby "Flap's New Family" Maryam Master 14 June 2004 #05
A baby penguin who boarded the caravan, thinks Flap is his mother. Blinky turns back to Antarctica to take him home. Blinky and Flap rescue the penguin colony from the Circus Bros. and unite the baby penguin with his mother Doris. Tico takes out the gas tank, but Blinky is able to inflate with a cooking stove and leave Antarctica.
BB S3e6 "A Stitch in Time" Phil Sanders 15 June 2004 #06
On the way to Africa, Blinky becomes impatient and tries to get them to Africa faster. Nutsy tells the story of Blinky's recklessness at the mine in Wobbly Creek back in Australia. Meanwhile the Circus Bros. climb aboard a cruiser then steal the captain's helicopter to chase after the balloon, but they run out of fuel. Soon Blinky and the crew make it Africa.
BB S3e7 5 "Leo Leads the Way" Fiona Kelly 16 June 2004 #07
On the African Plains, Blinky takes Leo home, but Rex, the king of the Mumbada pride and son of Leo does not welcome his father due to his cowardice. The Circus Bros. work alongside two poachers and capture Rex, his son Claude and Blinky. Leo comes to the rescue, earning his son's respect and his place in the pride.
Monkey business "Monkey Business" Stephen Davis 17 June 2004 #08
Blinky comes across a monkey tribe. Yoyo discovers that they are actually chimps. After feeling insulted by Blinky's gang, Yoyo wanders off. Tico sabotages the balloon and sets a trap for Blinky involving Yoyo and the Circus Bros. The Circus Bros. are driven away by the chimp tribe and Flap coaxes Yoyo to rejoin his friends and continue his search for home.
BB S3e9 "Diamonds Are Forever" Fiona Bozic 18 June 2004 #09
Blinky tries to copy Ling-Ling's magic disappearing trick on Penelope's diamond necklace and Tico takes it to the Circus Bros. Basil declares he will sell it in the city and stop circuses. Blinky's gang ride Ostriches whose feathers were plucked by humans, chasing after the Bros. truck until they are driven into a river. Finally they get back the necklace.
BB S3e10 7 "Blinky's Birthday Surprise" Gina Roncoli 19 June 2004 #10
A birthday party for Blinky in Greenpatch becomes a disaster. In Africa Blinky is angry that no one knows it is his birthday and are busy preparing to depart. Tico gives Blinky a stolen tracking device as a "birthday present", the Circus Bros. use it to follow him. Blinky rides on a Giraffe named Twigger and after finally throwing the Circus Bros. off their trail, find Twigger's herd. Blinky returns to the balloon, greeted with a birthday surprise.
BB S3e11 "Baby Elephant Walk" Chris Phillips 20 June 2004 #11
Blinky's gang collect firewood but the caravan is gone. They then see an Elephant pulling it to transport her sick calf Kiku to find some grass. They escort the elephant, with the Circus Bros. in pursuit. After a risky bridge crossing, the elephant makes it to the grass field, Kiku recovers and Blinky's gang escape the Circus Bros. and leave Africa.
Operation free Flap "Operation Free Flap" Fiona Kelly 21 June 2004 #12
Over China, Flap falls out of the balloon and Blinky has to make an emergency landing. A boy named Hugh takes Flap and cares for him at home. The Circus Bros. arrive in China and see Flap on the local news. Blinky starts a getaway plan in time to stop the Circus Bros. from taking Flap. After a tearful goodbye to Hugh, Flap rejoins the others to continue their journey.
Crouching dragon and hidden koala "Crouching Dragon, Hidden Koala" Lisa Hoppe 22 June 2004 #13
Blinky's gang go to Hawks Peak but find only a village. As Blinky's gang search the village for Ling-Ling's Master, most of them get caught by the Circus Bros. disguised as a dragon. Blinky and Ling-Ling find and release the Master Panda. Ling-Ling too is captured. Blinky blows up the door of their prison with fire crackers and Ling-Ling aids in her friends' escape.
BB S3e14 8 "Panda Pandemonium" Chris Phillips 23 June 2004 #14
Blinky's gang finds the panda villagers and Ling-Ling is reunited with her parents, but the pandas are short of bamboo. A weasel named Arthat replaces Tico to catch the pandas for Basil. Ling-Ling and Blinky journey to seek plentiful bamboo which turns out to be very promising, then they go with Tico to rescue the pandas and their friends, thus allowing the pandas to go to their new home and Blinky's gang depart from China with the Circus Bros. in tow.
BB S3e15 4 "Jungle Bungles" Fiona Kelly 24 June 2004 #15
Blinky and friends reach the Amazon Jungle. Tico tricks Yoyo where he can find his family in the Amazon and spreads scary tales of the Amazon to Blinky's gang. However they are met by a friendly Anaconda named Anna who has Aquaphobia. The balloon is carried off by flood waters and after a tangle with the Circus Bros., Blinky falls into the flood waters, but Anna saves Blinky and the caravan.
Doubles Trouble "Double Trouble" Rhett Walton 25 June 2004 #16
In a letter to Greenpatch from Nutsy describes the Amazon adventure in Leafpatch. Blinky and his friends meet a Howler Monkey named Coco Phil and his sister Sophia who live in the town Leafpatch which has many similarities to Greenpatch. The monkeys are not like Yoyo. Blinky and Coco are to compete in trap building until the Circus Bros. catch Nutsy and Sophia. Blinky and Coco rescue and catapult the Circus Bros. into the Amazon River.
BB S3e17 "Tico's Choice" Lisa Hoppe 26 June 2004 #17
Deeper in the Amazon jungle, Blinky meets a colony of toucans, who find Tico familiar. Tico directs Blinky's gang to the river and Blinky finally realises Tico's loyalty lies with Basil. Tico helps the Circus Bros. trap the toucans as well as Blinky's gang. But after feeling betrayed, Tico rescues everyone and send the Circus Bros. in the river. Tico decides to stick with Blinky's Gang.
BB S3e18 "Poisoned Penelope" Fiona Bozic 27 June 2004 #18
Penelope is picking purple flowers but gets pricked by a thorns. In Leafpatch, Armo reveals it was a Purple Devil that has poisoned her and that the humans have the cure. Blinky takes Penelope to a camp of Botanists, who give Penelope the medicine and identify Yoyo as a South Indian Monkey. After many mishaps, the Circus Bros. capture Penelope. Blinky's gang come to the rescue then depart for India.
All at sea "All at Sea" Phil Sanders 28 June 2004 #19
Blinky's gang are drifting south and into a storm. Above them, Cyril abseils from a helicopter, but then falls into the stormy sea. Blinky's gang and Cyril help each other and land on a small Island, where a ship Captain has a debt to collect from Basil. However Cyril thwarts Basil's capture attempt and left with Basil to face the Captain's wrath.
BB S3e20 "Tico Takes Charge" Lisa Hoppe 29 June 2004 #20
Blinky's gang arrive at India followed by the Circus Bros. on a plane who soon fall off having not buckled their seatbelts and meet 3 jugglers who are Magid the Bear, Alsana the Mongoose and Sanjay the Rat. Then a man takes Yoyo and puts him in a truck with the jugglers and drives off. While the jugglers perform the man who is Mr. Rashid is revealed that he steals people's wallets and people chase him off and get Yoyo freed. Then Tico decides to be the director for the Jugglers and has finally got a home and Blinky decides to find more monkeys related to Yoyo.
BB S3e21 7 "Tiger Taming" Melanie Alexander 30 June 2004 #21
During the night, the Circus Bros. jump into the balloon and send it off and Cyril finds his Teddy Bear who he thought he'd left behind in Australia. Blinky and his friends spot the balloon and follow it to where it traps a Bengal tiger cub under a pile of wood and her mother tries to help. Blinky has an idea of Flap digging him free and he stepped on a twig and Blinky manages to show himself in front of the adult tiger and runs until he is caught by the Circus Bros. inside the balloon. Flap frees Sondeya the tiger cub and drives off the Circus Bros. and it is then revealed that there's lots of monkeys in the town of Chandipur.
BB S3e22 5 "Monkey See, Monkey Do" Stephen Davis 1 July 2004 #22
Blinky's gang reach Chandipur, the Circus Bros. in pursuit by elephant. While searching for Yoyo's family, Penelope and then Yoyo is caught by the Circus Bros., but the rest of the Gang rescue them. They enter the Forbidden Temple, aided by inhabiting monkeys against the Circus Bros. and Yoyo finds those monkeys are his kin. With that Blinky's gang depart for Paris.
Dog ´s best friend "A Dog's Best Friend" Rhett Walton 2 July 2004 #23
Blinky's gang arrive in Paris in search of Penelope's mistress. Her mistress has moved to a new house and owns a cat named Fifi. The Circus Bros. come and try to catnap Fifi, but Penelope unites with her mistress and hands them the diamond bracelet. Blinky gets it back by trading Cyril his teddy bear.
Blinky Bill superstar "Blinky Bill Superstar" Gina Roncoli 3 July 2004 #24
In a studio Blinky is made a superstar by the fashion designer Phoebe. As days pass, Blinky is so acquainted with his new lifestyle, Nutsy and Flap decide to go home without him. The Circus Bros. abduct Nutsy and Flap and Blinky, realizing how selfish Phoebe is, leaves her and rescues his friends.
Paris Au-Go-Go "Paris Au-Go-Go" David Witt 4 July, 2004 #25
With their balloon destroyed, Blinky's gang make their way to the airport. Blinky's gang give themselves up to the Circus Bros. to get a ride to Australia but Basil intends to take them to New York. Blinky's gang sneak on the Koala Airlines plane where a kind stewardess provides their needs.
How Green in my Greenpatch 2 "How Green Is My Greenpatch" Andy Ryan 5 July 2004 #26
Blinky's gang make it back to Greenpatch. The Circus Bros. have followed them and invade Greenpatch, nearly catching Blinky and then his mum for bait. Blinky decides he has to give himself up to the Circus Bros. to save his family, friends and neighbours, only to find Basil has started a Bushfire. Blinky is rescued by Nutsy and Cyril leaves Basil's side, summoning the fire brigade to extinguish the fire and he takes Basil for retirement.


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  • Robyn Moore as Blinky Bill, Nutsy, Mrs. Koala, Miss Magpie, Marcia, Penelope, Kiku's Mother, Hugh's Mother, Ling-Ling's Mother, Norma
  • Keith Scott as Flap, Splodge, Shifty, Mr. Wombat, Mr. Koala, Basil Circus, Mayor Pelican, Slippery, Skipper the Scurvy, Rex, Master, Raul, Majid, Sanjay
  • Drew Forsythe as Leo, Yoyo, Cyril Circus, Dubaku, Maurice, Armo, Ling-Tan, Captain
  • Sarah Aubrey as Ling-Ling, Tico, Phoebe, Hugh, Nimi, Alsana, Coco Phil, Miss Erget, Fifi, Doris
  • Rachel King as Sophia, Pippo, Ah-Phat, Claude, Twigger, Mistress
  • Nick Jasprizza as Mayor Macaw, Minor Incidental Characters
  • Troy Planet as Minor Incidental Characters


  • The third television series of Blinky Bill
  • The first director is David Evans
  • The first Blinky Bill series to utilize digital ink and paint instead of hand-painted cels.
  • The first voices of Drew Forsythe, Sarah Aubrey, Rachel King, Nick Jasprizza, Troy Planet
  • The other appearance is Nutsy's dad, Danny Dingo, Daisy Dingo, Meatball Dingo
  • There is a credit in this series that reads "No animals were harmed during the making of this series."

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