Blinky Bill's Extraordinary Excursion
Season 2, Episode
Season 2 intro
Air date 1995-1996
Written by Ray Nowland
Sally Farrell Odgers
Susan Beak
Geoff Beak
Directed by Yoram Gross
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The Adventures of Blinky Bill (1993)
Blinky Bill's Extraordinary Balloon Adventure (2003-2004)

Blinky Bill's Extraordinary Excursion is the Season 2 of the Blinky Bill series in 1995.


This season broadcast in 1995-1996 and has 26 episodes. Blinky Bill, Nutsy, Flap, Splodge, Marcia and Shifty become lost while on a school excursion in the bush. Finding their way home across different parts of Australia, they have many adventures helping out other animals in need.

Episodes Edit

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Episode number #
Blinky Bill Hypnotist Blinky hypnotize Wombat and Flap
"Blinky the Hypnotist" 1 January 1995 #01
Many adults in Greenpatch have colds. Blinky amuses himself with some hypnotism, causing confusion and chaos among the townspeople. Some troublesome Goannas pass Greenpatch, but Blinky tricks them with his hypnotism before he undoes the hypnotism he did to the town.
Blinky Bill and Old Wombat house visiting
"Blinky Bill and the Old Wombat's Home" 2 January 1995 #02
Recently Mr. Wombat has been suffering backaches and moves to an elderly people's home. However the matron has very strict rules. Blinky and his gang prompt the old folks how to enjoy themselves and Mr. Wombat decides to go back home.
Blinky Bill and baby show Gang look after about baby
"Blinky Bill and the Baby Show" 3 January 1995 #03
Greenpatch is running a baby show. Blinky and his friends volunteer to babysit Mrs. Spotty's six babies and take them to baby show. When the biggest baby Rudolf goes missing, Flap unwillingly takes his place. Mrs. Spotty finds Rudolf and as she goes to find Blinky, Blinky and his friends escape with the first prize.
Blinky Bill meet Mr. Echidna Blinky,Nutsy and Mr.Echidna
"Blinky Bill Meets Mr. Echidna" 4 January 1995 #04
Mrs. Echidna has finally had enough of Blinky's mischief and leaves to join her sister. Mrs. Echidna's absence allows termites to freely feed on Greenpatch's trees causing the birds to emigrate. Mrs. Echidna is too busy to return to Greenpatch, so Blinky persuades Mr. Echidna to come. Once the termite problem is taken care of, Mr. Koala arranges Mr. Echidna's wife to come.
Blinky Bill house of Guest
"Blinky Bill and the House Guest" 5 January 1995 #05
A strong gale destroys Mayor Pelican's house. For the next two days Blinky has to put up with the mayor's stay at his place, which gets him in trouble plenty. When Mrs. Koala finds out he's been pooling her resources, she formulates a plan to teach him a lesson.
Blinky Bill and Mystery Pollution spots
"Blinky Bill and the Mystery Pollution" 6 January 1995 #06
As Blinky fails to style Splodge's hair, Daisy opens a Beauty Boutique. Something is making people develop green hair and black spots and Greenpatch suspects Daisy is the cause, but Blinky's investigation reveals that Danny's cosmetics machine has sprung a leak into the river.
Blinky Bill and blue mystery Gang and Mr. Bower Bird
"Blinky Bill's Blue Mystery" 7 January 1995 #07
Some strange disappearances of blue items occur, but everyone thinks Blinky is behind them. Blinky's gang go detective to clear his name, but his attempts get him in even more trouble. Finally they find the shy Mr. Bower Bird took all those items to attract a mate.
Blinky Bill goes camping Camp
"Blinky Bill Goes Camping" 8 January 1995 #08
Ms. Magpie takes her class camping. Meanwhile Danny has his camping plans with Meatball. Blinky's gang do their dull camping work with some rewarding results. Danny and Meatball get washed away by a storm, but Blinky's gang saves them.
Blinky Bill and the Earthequake
"Blinky Bill and the Earthquake" 9 January 1995 #09
Continuing their camping trip, Blinky's gang slip away to explore a mountain mine. They get trapped after a collapse. As they try to find a way out, a creepy Goanna frightens and chases them through tunnels and down a mine shaft in carts. Once outside the mine and down a river, Blinky's gang are very far and lost from Greenpatch.
Blinky Bill Down to Farm
"Blinky Bill Down on the Farm" 10 January 1995 #10
Blinky's gang, stumble across a farm which is guarded by robotic dogs and run by computers. The farm animals shun the outside world. Blinky's gang are soon on the run from Dr. Universe and Beanstalk and evade the robotic dogs and finally shut down the farm and release the animals into the outside.
Blinky Bill is kidnapped 2
"Blinky Bill Is Kidnapped" 11 January 1995 #11
As Blinky and Marcia investigate cages, they are accidentally taken by a forest ranger. Along the way they are met by a possum named Slick. They soon unite with Nutsy, Splodge, Flap and Shifty. They finally hand themselves to the ranger, who was just taking them back to the bush.
Blinky Bill and Lost Puppy
"Blinky Bill and the Lost Puppy" 12 January 1995 #12
Blinky's gang find a lost puppy, who accompanies them in search of his home, Nutsy taking care of him. Blinky's gang trace Puppy's steps back to his house, while avoiding two pursuing dogs who were only sent to find Puppy. Finally Puppy finds his owner Annie.
Blinky Bill Winter´s tale
"Blinky Bill and The Winter's Tale" 13 January 1995 #13
Blinky's gang find shelter in a mountain cabin with restless owls living in it. Blinky's gang tidy up and look after Mrs. Owl's babies. They are quite a handful at first, but Blinky makes good behaviour fun for them. Blinky does some skiing and brings Mr. Owl back with his family.
Blinky Bill and polar bear
"Blinky Bill and the Polar Bears" 14 January 1995 #14
Blinky's gang are suddenly met by Boris a polar bear who left his human run homeland to come to Australia. Boris needs to find a good home and get his family out of the circus he travelled with, but then they receive a letter from their grandparents persuading them to return north.
BB S2e15 9
"Blinky Bill and the Lighthouse" 15 January 1995 #15
Blinky's gang approach a lighthouse, which gives the penguins here an advantage over the Skewer family in fishing. Blinky's gang withstands Mrs. Skewer's unpleasantry, but when her son Suki is lost at sea and rescued by Flap, she realizes the importance of the Lighthouse.
Blinky Bill and the Apple thieves
"Blinky Bill and the Apple Thieves" 16 January 1995 #16
Shifty finds some apples in a farming acre and the family of the place believe Shifty to be the one stealing apples every night. Shifty gets caught in one of the traps they set. After Blinky's gang rescue Shifty, they all thwart the thieves' final heist.
Blinky Bill and Egg rescue Gang find egg
"Blinky and the Egg Rescue" 17 January 1995 #17
Flap finds a cuckoo egg in a basket in the middle of the grasslands. Blinky's gang try unsuccessfully to plant it into other bird's nest. When a bulldozer approaches, Blinky's gang rescue all the other birds' eggs. All the eggs hatch and the ducks adopt the cuckoo.
Blinky Bill´s holyday
"Blinky Bill's Holiday" 18 January 1995 #18
Blinky's gang follow a bus with Ms. Pym inside in hope of getting to Greenpatch. Instead they end up at a holiday resort, but try to enjoy it. They then meet Cedric and notice Ms. Pym is smitten with a man called Arthur. They then cause a calamity and their chance to stow with Ms. Pym is thwarted.
Blinky Bill and Bird smugglers Agains human
"Blinky Bill and the Bird Smugglers" 19 January 1995 #19
Blinky's gang plunge down a delta and meet a lizard named Hank whose parents were taken by poachers. Flap is taken away, but Blinky's gang head to the dinghy and trap the poachers. They sail the dinghy to a sandbank where the poachers are taken away by the coast guard.
Blinky Bill and Crocodille Crock contest tickling
"Blinky Bill and the Crocodiles" 20 January 1995 #20
On the trip back to Greenpatch, Blinky and his friends are met by a crocodile called Sirol who was exiled by his father for being soft. Blinky's gang train and disguise Sirol for the Iron Croc Contest. Sirol gets past every course resulting as the winner and earning good reputation from his family.
Blinky Bill and Gretel. jpg
"Blinky and Gretel" 21 January 1995 #21
During a storm Nutsy tells her friends a fairy tale story about 2 Koalas named Hansel and Gretel who get lost in the woods and meet other fairy tale friends and come across a candy house lived in by a wicked mouse witch, who later sends them down a well to dig for water, but they manage to get her wand and broomstick.
Blinky Bill remembers Nutsy´s birthday
"Blinky Remembers Nutsy's Birthday" 22 January 1995 #22
Nutsy thinks no-one remembers her birthday. Flap stumbles across a circus, but the overworked performers are under sickness pretense, so Blinky's Gang decide to do their own performance specially for Nutsy. Out of envy, the other performers get in the show but after the show, they come to a new agreement from Captain Possum.
Blinky Bill and real estate swindle First meet with monster
"Blinky Bill and the Real Estate Swindle" 23 January 1995 #23
Blinky's Gang meet a couple of Feral Pigs called Wallace and George, who intend to own the Numbat house by trying to scare them away with a monster costume. After venturing out at night, Blinky manages to expose the two swindlers.
Blinky Bill and feud
"Blinky Bill and the Feud" 24 January 1995 #24
After a long hot walk Blinky and his friends find a river, but the inhabitants of the place are very mean and fight all the time. The cause of this is the animals' differences in sleeping patterns. After much fighting even amongst themselves, Blinky's gang trick the animals into working together.
Blinky Bill and Possum Cinama
"Blinky Bill and the Possum Cinema" 25 January 1995 #25
Blinky's gang end up in a deserted town after fleeing a dust storm. They find Blinky's old possum friend Slick in a movie theatre. Blinky's gang manage to invite a fair number of animals to see the show. The movies don't go as Slick planned but the audience enjoy it all the same.
Blinky Bill and Balloon
"Blinky Bill and the Balloon" 26 January 1995 #26
Blinky's gang find a hot-air balloon lodged in a tree. Once they get it free, they drift on it. They finally make it to Greenpatch, but can't land. Mr. Wombat receives Blinky's note and a rescue party starts after them with Ms. Magpie scouting for them and getting them out of the balloon. Then Greenpatch celebrates with a welcome back party.


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