Blinky Bill's Favourite Cafe & Blinky Bill's Fire Brigade
Blinky Bill Favourite Cafe
Blinky Bill's Favourite Cafe VHS Cover


Yoram Gross


Yoram Gross


Robyn Moore
Keith Scott

Music by

Guy Gross


ABC Video
Roadshow Entertainment

Stock Number


Release Date

June 13, 1994


49 minutes

Followed by

Blinky Rescues the Budgie

Blinky Bill's Favourite Cafe is the first VHS of Yoram Gross' Blinky Bill season 1 after the movie to release in 1994 on ABC Video

Description Edit

Australia's favourite koala, Blinky Bill is as mischievous as ever in this first video release from the ABC Television series. Lovingly animated and adapted from Dorothy Wall's classic stories, the series begins when the village is destroyed by loggers. Blinky Bill rallies his friends, and in a series of exciting adventures, they set about rebuilding their community.

Episodes Edit

  1. Blinky Bill's Favourite Cafe
  2. Blinky Bill's Fire Brigade

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