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Blinky Bill´s gang is group of childern from Green Patch. Leader of gang is koala Blinky Bill and other mambers are koala Nutsy, kangaroo Splodge, platypus Flap and marsupial mouse Marcia (in first episode and in some other episode is members of gang Ruff and Jacko). In season 2 to gang join dingo Shifty Dingo. In season 3 is gang Blinky, Nutsy, Flap slpodge shifty and marcia help the circus animals go home and Splodge, Shifty and Marcia do not remain behind.

Season 1 Edit

Blinky Bill´s gang helps rebuilding Greenpatch and fight with greedy Dingos.

Season 2 Edit

Blinky´s gang is lost in bush (during school trip they lost Miss Magpie) and they find way home.

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Blinky,Nutsy and Flap travel around the World and they are trying to get home to circus animals Princess Penelope, Yoyo, Tico, Ling Ling, Leo and Slippery.

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