Blinky Bill The Mischievous Koala (Working Class Man)
Released 1992
Recorded Date recorded
Length Album length
Label CD
Produced by ABC Music

All music is composed and produced by Guy Gross. All lyrics are instead written by John Palmer except You and Me by Robyne Dunn & Geoff Robertson ft. Kevin Bennett & Working Class Man by Jimmy Barnes, where lyrics are by Mattie Porges. Finally, all songs are performed by Robyn Moore and Keith Scott except where indicated.

Song list Edit

  1. You and Me - Robyne Dunn & Geoff Robertson ft. Kevin Bennett
  2. Working Class Man - Jimmy Barnes
  3. I’m Old Man Wombo
  4. I’m Blinky Bill
  5. Arithmetic Song
  6. Gribbit (Frog Song) - Ross Higgins
  7. I Am the Mayor
  8. Nutsy’s Ballad
  9. Motherhood
  10. How I Hate Koalas
  11. Snakes are So Superior
  12. Country Girls
  13. Don’t Try to Sing Underwater
  14. Home
  15. Who’s on the Menu Tonight
  16. Whistle Song
  17. Sleep Bush Baby Sleep - Julie Anthony

Trivia Edit

The movie was released on DVD in Australia under the title Working Class Man which was the title of one of the songs in the movie sung by a Scottish Australian rocker Jimmy Barnes

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