Blinky Bill
Vital statistics
Title Blinky Bill the Movie
Gender Male
Race TBA
Faction TBA
Health TBA
Level TBA
Status Koala
Location TBA

This article is about the character. For the film he is featured in, see Blinky Bill the Movie. For other uses, see Blinky Bill (disambiguation).

Blinky Bartholomew Bill is a cheeky koala who definitely dances along to the beat of his own drum.He’s a clever koala who is followed by mischief and mayhem where ever he goes!

Blinky is also full of hope and he’s the only person left in his hometown of Greenpatch who believes that his Dad is still alive after he went missing a year ago…

He idolises his Dad, an outback explorer, because he thinks he is a hero!

When Blinky embarks on a mission to find Dad in the dangerous Australian outback, he must rely on his sharp wits to escape the jaws and claws of predators. He must also learn to cooperate with his new friends and play to their strengths.

Throughout his journey, Blinky realises that being a true hero isn’t about following your own impulses, but more so about recognising the needs of others and taking responsibility.


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Blinky Bill the Movie Edit

He leaves the town of Greenpatch without his mother's awareness. He has been very upset that the valley has been taken over by a grumpy goanna Mayor Wilberforce Cranklepot. He has to go find his long lost father across the Australian outback, some new friends he makes on the way are:, Nutsy a zoo koala and Jacko, a frill-necked lizard. together they have to bring him home before the feral cat Sir Claude catches them.

The Wild Adventures Of Blinky Bill Edit

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Relationships Edit


  • William Bill - is Blinky's father an adventurer explorer in the outback he wears exloprer shirt.
  • Betty Bill - is Blinky's mother she wears an orange dress.

Friends/Allies Edit

  • Nutsy - TBA
  • Jacko - a frill necked lizard is Blinky's best mate and sidekick.
  • Robert - a lyrebird one of Blinky's friends.
  • Splodge - a kangaroo one of Blinky's friends.
  • Wombo - TBA

Enemies Edit




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