The Complete Adventures of Blinky Bill is a children's book by Dorothy Wall

Plot Edit

Blinky Bill: The Quaint Little AustralianEdit

  1. The New Arrival
  2. A Tragedy
  3. Naughty Escapades
  4. Frog Hollow
  5. The Rabbits' Party

Blinky Bill Grows UpEdit

  1. Blinky Runs Away
  2. The Bazaar
  3. Mr. Smifkins's Farm
  4. Blinky Meets Willie Wagtail
  5. The Lyre-bird's Home
  6. Blinky Returns Home

Blinky Bill and NutsyEdit

  1. The Escape
  2. The Tree-warming
  3. A Visit to the Pelicans
  4. The Council Meeting
  5. The Guest House
  6. Putting "Pep" in Things

Characters Edit

  • Blinky Bill
  • Nutsy
  • Splodge
  • Mrs. Koala Bear
  • Mr. Koala Bear

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