Blinky Bill Is Kidnapped
Season 2, Episode 37
Blinky Bill is kidnapped 2
Air date 11 January 1995
Written by Sally Farrell Odgers
Directed by Yoram Gross
Episode guide
Blinky Bill Down on the Farm
Blinky Bill and the Lost Puppy

Blinky Bill Is Kidnapped is the eleventh episode of Blinky Bill Season 2.


Binky and his gang find boxes meant for catching animals. A human ranger, who has animals in his car, sees them. Blinky and Marcia decide to rescue the animals. But they get captured, put in the car and go to the ranger station. There they meet the possum Slick, then help him. Nutsy and the others search for Blinky and Marcia. They arrive to the ranger station and in school find Blinky, Marcia and Slick. Blinky and others escape.



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