Blinky Bill and the Apple Thieves
Season 2, Episode 42
Blinky Bill and the Apple thieves
Air date 16 January 1995
Written by Sally Farrell Odgers
Directed by Yoram Gross
Episode guide
Blinky Bill and the Lighthouse
Blinky and the Egg Rescue

Blinky Bill and the Apple Thieves is the sixteenth episode of Blinky Bill Season 2.


Blinky and his friends are hungry. Shifty brings some apples from a nearby farm. When he goes there again he falls into a trap and the farmer locks him in. Blinky goes to rescue him. Blinky finds that there are two human thieves, who steal apples and therefore the farmer thinks that animals steal apples. Blinky´s gang wake up the other humans and catch the thieves.




Coming Soon!

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