Blinky Bill and the Feud
Season 2, Episode 50
Blinky Bill and feud
Air date 24 January 1995
Written by Sally Farrell Odgers and Ray Nowland
Directed by Yoram Gross
Episode guide
Blinky Bill and the Real Estate Swindle
Blinky Bill and the Possum Cinema

Blinky Bill and the Feud is the twenty-fourth episode of Blinky Bill Season 2.


Blinky and his friends are thirsty and they go to the river. They find a lot of very angry animals live there. Mrs. Possum when she thrown his shoes, Mr. Owl when he can't sleep according to noise, Mrs. Mouse and others. They have gotten angry for this neighborhood and Blinky has to teach them on how to cooperate.




Coming Soon!

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