Blinky Meets Mr. Echidna
Season 2, Episode 30
Blinky Bill meet Mr. Echidna Blinky,Nutsy and Mr.Echidna
Air date 4 January 1995
Written by Ray Nowland and Sally Farrell Odgers
Directed by Yoram Gross
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Blinky Meets Mr. Echidna is the fourth episode of Blinky Bill Season 2.


Blinky destroys the home of Mrs. Echidna and she moves out of Greenpatch. In Greenpatch trees wither and birds leave Greenpatch. It is caused by termites. But Mrs. Echidna is too busy and Blinky must help her brother Mr. Echidna. Blinky has to look after him and it is hard work. Blinky finds a way on how to bring the birds and Mrs. Echidna back and get rid of the termites.



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Blinky Bill - Episode 27 - Blinky Meets Mr

Blinky Bill - Episode 27 - Blinky Meets Mr. Echidna