Blinky Saves Granny's Glasses
Season 1, Episode 8
Blinky Bill saves Granny Glasses Balcony scene
Air date 8 January 1993
Written by John Palmer
Directed by Yoram Gross
Episode guide
Blinky Breaks the Drought
Blinky Bill's Ghost Cave

Blinky Saves Granny's Glasses is the eighth episode of Blinky Bill Season 1.


When Granny Koala’s glasses are broken by the Dingoes, Blinky decides to put on a play to raise money for a new pair. Blinky and his friends try to enact their own version of Romeo and Juliet, but the play is soon hijacked by the Dingoes who have their own plans for the money. Nevertheless, the play is a success and the money ends up where it belongs.


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