Blinky and the Red Car & Blinky Bill the Teacher
Blinky-bill-red-car sm
Blinky and the Red Car VHS Cover


Yoram Gross


Yoram Gross


Robyn Moore
Keith Scott

Music by

Guy Gross


ABC Video
Roadshow Entertainment

Stock Number


Release Date

March 13, 1995


49 minutes

Preceded by

Blinky Rescues the Budgie

Followed by

Detective Blinky

Blinky and the Red Car is the third VHS of Blinky Bill season to release in 1995 on ABC Video

Description Edit

Life for Blinky Bill is always exciting in the newly rebuilt village of Greenpatch. Dorothy Wall's endearing characters are never far from adventure. Join Blinky and his friends in two more lively episodes from the ABC Television series.

Episodes Edit

  1. Blinky and the Red Car
  2. Blinky Bill the Teacher

Trivia Edit

  • Despite being released in 1995, The copyright on top of the warning text says 1994

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