Blinky the Hypnotist
Season 2, Episode 27
Blinky Bill Hypnotist Wombat as Flap
Air date 1 January 1995
Written by Ray Nowland and Sally Farrell Odgers
Directed by Yoram Gross
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Blinky Bill and the Old Wombat's Home

Blinky the Hypnotist is the first episode of season 2 of The Adventures of Blinky Bill.


All adults in Greenpatch have colds and Blinky´s friends must look after them. Blinky is bored and he reads comics about hypnotism. He tries it and hypnotizes all in Greenpatch. To Greenpatch arrives Goannas who try to steal valuables in Greenpatch. Blinky hypnotizes them and convince them, that garbage is treasure. The Goannas take all garbage and go away. Blinky snaps his fingers and un-hypnotizes all in Greenpatch.


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Blinky Bill - Episode 28 - Blinky And The Hypnotist

Blinky Bill - Episode 28 - Blinky And The Hypnotist