The caravan was a circus-wagon used by the Circus Brothers for their journey with the circus. In the episode "The Great Escape" Blinky, Nutsy and Flap help the circus animals escape from the circus and transform the caravan into a makeshift zeppelin. They used the Caravan for flying around the world. The Caravan is blue and yellow with a red roof with stars. Inside there is a stove, table with chairs and two beds.


The caravan first appears in "The Great Escape". After Cyril Circus tied ropes from the tent onto it in the hopes to anchor the tent, Blinky Bill modified it into a zeppelin so he and his friends Nutsy and Flap could liberate the circus-animals Slippery, Leo, Ling Ling, Tico, Yoyo and Princess Penelope, and since then the caravan plays an important role in Blinky's quest. Originally the animals intended to power the wagon with a natural-breeze or helium-tanks, but in "Flap's New Family" they resorted to using the wagon's boiler much like that of a hot air balloon. Tico would often try to sabotage it in order get everyone else captured by the circus brothers, such as in "Polar Peril" and "Monkey Business". In "Baby Elephant Walk" Kiku's mother took the caravan to transport her sick calf Kiku to a pasture of medicinal-grass. The wagon is also buoyant in water, as seen in "Jungle Bungles", "All at Sea", "A Dog's Best Friend" and "Paris Au-Go-Go". In "Panda Pandemonium" its sail got burned by a dragon-statue but was mended by The Mountain Guardians, and Tico would tie a rope from it to the circus bro's bike so they could continue pursuit. The caravan is surprisingly tough too as it was able to withstand various collisions as seen in many episodes (such as the Great Wall of China in "Operation Free Flap") and could even resist being broken into by a tiger in "Tiger Taming", however it ultimately met its end in "Paris Au-Go-Go" where it ripped its sail on the Eiffel Tower and plunged a long way down to the ground, where it shattered to pieces.


Caravan inside