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Claire is Harry and Flo's six-year-old blonde daughter, who loves animals not her parents.


Blinky Bill The Mischievous Koala (Working Class Man) (1992 film)Edit

She was first seen seeing her father Harry and Joe return from work, notifying her mother Flo as well. She was then seen bringing lunch to Bruno and Hillda. At night she was sowing her koala-plush before going to bed. She was temporarily woken up by her father firing his gun, but went back to sleep. The next morning she was stunned to find Nutsy in her bed, but happy nonetheless. She later showed her to everybody else, even defending the koala after Joe insulted her. When night had fallen she and Nutsy sleep together. They were awakened when Flap accidentally activated her father's gun and they took shelter in a closet. They were thrown out by Blinky by accident, but since he and Nutsy have reunited she was happy. She was last seen bidding farewell to the animals.

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Dorothy Wall's Blinky Bill
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