Croc Canyon
Croc Canyon, also known as "Sea a White Drogon´s" because there live White Crocodiles, is a canyon where the bottom is always foggy (hence its other name). Bill Koala found this place and never came back. Blinky, Nutsy and a lizard named Jacko go to Croc Canyon to find Blinky´s Dad.

Blinky Bill the Movie Edit

Blinky, Nutsy, Jacko, Cheryl and Beryl arrives at Croc Canyon They say goodbye to emu friends to nice knowing ya is almost sunset Blinky, Nutsy, and Jacko to find his dad then they saw him Up top but the Crocodiles appears they chases them Blinky, Nutsy, and Jacko climbed the top rocks but Sir Claude arrives he chases them Blinky tricks Claude about Crocs got his tail Claude jumps to Blinky and Nutsy but he falls off Blinky and Nutsy to the rock floor Blinky, Nutsy, and Jacko watching Crocs chases Claude away to dinner it was nighttime Blinky rans to his dad up the rocks but this his hat and that's his swag Blinky calls his dad but he saw down there it was these bones Nutsy and Jacko saw too poor Blinky with tears in eyes he was crying that his dad is dead Nutsy told him he can't give up Blinky told Nutsy that his dad you'd to say that too Nutsy told Jacko to come along Jacko sadly away Blinky puts his father's hat away with the wind blows he looked the sky on the moon he sorry to his mother now he has terribly and he looked at Nutsy and Jacko was asleep and what she was right Blinky looked at Nutsy was a sleep he was so sorry for her and he gots some warn fire and he to take her home to the zoo then it's what dad what have done she looked at him was sadly to the rock she knows he was right. The was early dawn at Croc Canyon Blinky, Nutsy and Jacko are on the way the zoo Next Betty is on the Old Car with Wombo, Beryl and Cheryl they passed the Crocs and then Wombo sniffs he told her the Kids was at the zoo Betty told him Blinky is at the zoo she has to save him.

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