Crouching Dragon, Hidden Koala
Season 3, Episode 65
Crouching dragon and hidden koala
Air date 22 June 2004
Written by Lisa Hoppe
Directed by David Evans
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Operation Free Flap
Panda Pandemonium

Crouching Dragon, Hidden Koala is the thirteenth episode of Blinky Bill Season 3.


Blinky's gang go to Hawk's Peak but find only a village. As Blinky's gang search the village for Ling Ling's Master, most of them get caught by the Circus Bros. disguised as a dragon. Blinky and Ling Ling find and release the Master Panda. Ling Ling too is captured. Blinky blows up the door of their prison with fire crackers and Ling Ling aids in her friends' escape.


Locations Edit



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