Daisy is the kindest member of the Dingo family and is Danny, Meatball and Shifty's sister. She is not as bad as Danny. She is an important person in the Dingo gang. Danny uses her for his plans. In Blinky Bill's Favourite Cafe Danny and Daisy try to convince the mayor to build the Dingo room. In Blinky and the Film Star she dresses as a film star, she helps Danny steal from a bank. In Blinky Bill and the Mystery Pollution she works in a Beauty Boutique.


Despite her beauty, Daisy is seen to be conniving like the rest of her family, notably Danny at first. Though by season 2 she seems to have redeemed herself to most as she wasn't exactly pleased to hear that her boutique's shampoo maker was polluting the local river (and snaps at Danny since he was responsible for it). In "How Green Is My Greenpatch" she displays a noble and heroic side when she and her brothers (including Danny) chased off the Circus Bros., who were still in pursuit of Blinky even after he achieved his goal.

Appearances Edit

Voiced by Edit

  • Robyn Moore (Series 1-2)
  • Rachel King (Series 3)

Gallery Edit

Main article: Daisy Dingo/Gallery

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