Detective Blinky
Season 1, Episode 12
Blinky Bill the Detective
Air date 12 January 1993
Written by Carol Witt and David Witt
Directed by Yoram Gross
Episode guide
Blinky Bill and the Magician
Blinky and the Heart of the Tree

Detective Blinky is the twelfth episode of Blinky Bill Season 1.


Someone in New Greenpatch has stolen all the berries off the town’s only Mulgaberry. Bush. Blinky, with the aid of Splodge, decides to become a detective and find the culprit. After suspecting Miss Magpie, Marcia, the Rabbits, the Dingoes and even Wombo, Blinky revisits the scene of the crime and discovers who the real thief is.


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