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Keith Scott (1992-2005)


Mr. Platypus (father)
Mrs. Platypus (mother)




Green Patch


Mr. Platypus (father)
Mrs. Platypus (mother)

Flap is a loyal friend and will do anything for Blinky. He is also a bit dense and tends to misunderstand. He flies by Blinky and Nutsy in the third season.Flap is one of Blinky Bill's good friends. He wears yellow trousers and he is the son of Mr. Platypus and Mrs. Platypus.


Blinky´s most devoted friend. He is kind of the funny side-kick who's not too bright, but not a complete idiot, either. Always friendly and well-meaning. He sometimes trips over his own words or his webbed feet. He is also a bit dense and tends to misunderstand or misinterpret situations. He is a big eater. Normally, he is called "duck" but he hates it when people do that (curiously, he has a speech impediment like the Looney Tunes character, Daffy Duck).he hangs out with shifty and is being called dummy by Marcia


Binky Bill (1992 film)Edit

In this movie Flap is one of Blinky´s friends and he helps him rescue Nutsy and his mother. Blinky, Flap and rest of the gang go to the Woodchip Mill and Flap (with Marcia) digs and gets to the Woodchip mill waste pipe and he gets the keys.

The Adventures of Blinky BillEdit

Flap appears in all episodes (in the first episode Blinky Bill's Favourite Cafe he is shown as one of Blinky´s classmates but he doesn´t speak there).

Season 1 Edit

Flap's first big role is in Blinky Bill's Fire Brigade, where he is one of Blinky´s gang members. He is not bright and Danny Dingo frequently takes advantage: in the episode Blinky Breaks the Drought Flap dug a swimming-pool for Danny. In the episode Blinky Bill's Gold Mine Flap was digging a mine for Blinky and then (after Blinky sold the mine to Danny and didn´t tell him) for Danny.

Season 2Edit

Flap and the other members of the gang are lost and they try to find their way home. When Blinky´s gang arrive at the farm Flap is captured by the robotic dog. In the episode Blinky Bill and the Lighthouse Flap befriends Suki and later rescues him. Flap found a cuckoo egg and the gang try to find a home in the episode Blinky and the Egg Rescue.

Season 3Edit

Flap, Blinky and Nutsy fly around the world with circus animals. He got a bigger role in the episode "Flap's New Family" when Flap takes care of the little penguin. In the next episodes "A Stitch in Time", it is a flashback. Nutsy tells the story of how Blinky and Flap go into the mine. When Blinky arrives to China in the episode "Operation Free Flap", Flap got into households of the human boy Hugh.

Blinky Bill's White ChristmasEdit

Flap travels with Blinky, to find a mini Christmas tree for Wombat, all the while avoiding a pair of forest-poachers.


Television SeriesEdit


Spin offs:

  • Flap's Family
  • Flap's Island

Played byEdit


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