Flap's New Family
Season 3, Episode 57
Flap´s new family pinguin´s baby
Air date 14 June 2004
Written by Maryam Master
Directed by David Evans
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Polar Peril
A Stitch in Time

Flap's New Family is the fifth episode of Blinky Bill Season 3.                                                                                                    


Blinky and his friends fly away from Antarctica but they find they have another passenger: a little penguin, who's following Flap. They must return to Antarctica and find the penguin's family.




  • When Ling Ling was laughing at Flap, here legs were gray, and when everyone objected to Tico's idea of throwing the penguin-chick overboard her legs were the exact same color as Nutsy.
  • When Flap had started jumping onto the penguins, his pants were their normal yellow color (but were grey throughout the rest of the episode, including the scene after this one where he leaps onto the caravan).


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