Granny Grunty
Granny Grunty Koala
Granny Grunty


Blinky Bill

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The Adventures of Blinky Bill




Yoram Gross


Robyn Moore


Blinky Bill

Granny Grunty Koala is an old koala with poor hearing. She wears glasses and wears old clothes like Wombat.


Blinky Bill: the Mischievous koalaEdit

She was first seen in a flashback seeing a newborn Blinky Bill. She is later seen sitting by a riverbank and found by Blinky and Nutsy and the three head downstream, stopping at a campfire done by Mr. Kangaroo, Mrs. Kangaroo and their son Splodge. They later arrived at the greenpatcher's temporary shelter, though Mayor Pelican eventually decided to dismiss her since she kept misinterpreting.

The Adventures of Blinky BillEdit

She is normally a secondary character. In Blinky Saves Granny's Glasses her glasses got destroyed by Danny Dingo riding a bike wildly and for the majority of the episode she has to be guided by someone, though by the end of the episode she gets a new pair. She is also seen in the retirement home in Blinky Bill and the Old Wombat's Home.




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