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Greenpatch in Season 2
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Green Patch is Blinky and his friend's birth-town. Formerly Green Patch was destroyed by humans (Blinky bill movie 1992 and series). In the first season of the TV-series it is Blinky's quest at rebuilding Green Patch.


Original versionEdit

The village is mostly a grove full of trees and seems to be situated on an island, possibly to protect the inhabitants from non-anthropomorphic animals who are wild and humans. The only inhabitants are anthropomorphized-animals who wear cloths, talk in real words and do everything a human would do. Like a human society Greenpatch does have laws (such as robbery being forbidden). Despite being a remote location it does fail at providing safety and security against threats: humans are usually not-welcomed even when they don't mean any harm, and there are the occasional arrivals of other animals who have villainous intentions (and at least one of these is a permanent resident: Danny Dingo), but perhaps the biggest threats are natural-disasters such as wildfires or earthquakes (the former being the most notable). Due to being isolated humans that have visited usually did so by accident and at least one known man-made structure sits in relatively close proximity to Greenpatch: a shop owned by Ms. Glennys Pym (though whether or not Pym herself is aware of Greenpatch's existence is a mystery), strangely though those humans who have discovered the village never look amazed at it's inhabitants, as if they had assumed or had been already aware that some animals were behaving humanlike.

CGI versionEdit

Blinky Bill with his parents at Greenpatch his dad his gone off the great deserts to rescue lost animals when Mayor Cranky has plans to renamed the town called Goannasburg now Blinky has to find his father on his own.

History Edit

Blinky Bill and his friend's hometown. Greenpatch is a small village where live many animals. Greenpatch in the movie is destroyed by humans and in the first season of the series Blinky and his friends try to help rebuild the town. Greenpatch is very important in the movie and series because it is Blinky´s home. The Mayor of Greenpatch is Mayor Pelican. The most Important buildings in the town is the School, Gloop´s café and the Town Hall. A River flows around the city. Across the river is a bridge where it is the only entrance to town.

Mayors Edit

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  • To date the only known casualty in Green Patch's destruction is Nutsy's biological mother (at least in the original-series), though there's a good chance that they're more.


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