How Green Is My Greenpatch
Season 3, Episode 78
How Green in my Greenpatch 2
Air date 5 July 2004
Written by Andy Ryan
Directed by David Evans
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The Adventures of Blinky Bill S03E26 Extremlym

The Adventures of Blinky Bill S03E26 Extremlym

How Green Is My Greenpatch is the twenty-sixth and last episode of Blinky Bill Season 3.


Blinky, Nutsy and Flap head back to Greenpatch. They are greeted by a big celebration. But to Greenpatch also arrives the Circus brothers. They try to catch Blinky and when they are not successful Basil burns the bush. Blinky let them catch him so Basil puts out the fire. Basil catches Blinky but he lets the bush burn. Cyril disagrees with him and actually leaves him. Nutsy saves Blinky and they go back to Greenpatch. The Citizens of Greenpatch leave town but Nutsy heads back to the burning town for the camera. Blinky rescues her and when they escape from the burning town they meet Basil Circus. Blinky tells him that performence at the beginning was just an accident. Basil won't endure the try. The fire brigade saves Blinky, Nutsy and Basil. Basil is taken to an ambulance and Cyril joins the fire brigade.


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  • This is the last appearance for Basil and Cyril Circus

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