Joan is Harry's wife and Clara's mother.

Blinky Bill: The Mischievous Koala (Working Class Man)Edit

She is first seen being alerted by her daughter Clara about Harry and Joe's return. The next day she brought the men in for lunch when they were working on the mill. At night she was awakened by Bruno and Hillda barking at Blinky Bill and Nutsy and demanded Harry to shut them up, and again after hearing Blinky destroying their outside light. The next morning she sees Marcia in the chimney and placed a mousetrap beneath her. At breakfast when a fight broke out she attempts to grab Nusty from a lamp only to be electrocuted, then tried to catch her in a net but only got her own husband and after getting the net off she accidentally throws it onto Joe. When night had fallen she began feeling on edge but nevertheless went to bed. When she noticed a lamp was turned on by Flap she demanded her husband to switch it off which he does (and knocks the keys to the floor in the process). She was awoken again by their dogs and fully awake when Flap fired their gun by mistake. They tried to go out their room, but Blinky jammed the door with the gun and they eventually resorted to climbing out the window with a bunch of scarfs tied together, though when they needed some more climbing material she tried adding a rubber band, but this backfired as Harry was getting catapulted back and forth in the air and pulled the bed into her. She then cut the band with scissors. She isn't seen after this and whether or not she finally got out of her room is a mystery.


Voiced byEdit

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