Blinky Bill The Mischievous Koala (Working Class Man)

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Yoram Gross

Joe is Harry's assistant.

Blinky Bill: The Mischievous Koala (Working Class Man)Edit

He first appears in the truck with Harry and was playing along with the music in Greenpatch. The next day they both prepped their tools and bulldozers to demolish the area. A younger version of him was seen in a flashback along with Harry, where they unknowingly run over Blinky's lunch. At night they finally return to the sawmill where Joe unlocks the gate to get in and after puts leashes on their dogs Bruno and Hillda, unaware that Blinky Bill and Nutsy had snuck aboard the truck. The next day he and Harry were working at the mill until Joan called them over for lunch. He was awoken by the dogs chasing Splodge and chases him with a gun. He almost took aim at the kangaroo until Marcia crawled up his pants to disrupt him, hitting the lever for the saw instead. He tries to shoot them again, hitting the saw in the process (which destroyed it). While in pursuit he heard Harry calling for help (since he was stuck in a snare) and frees him by shooting the rope, and accidentally shot Harry's nightcap off which in turn activated the saw. He then tried to shoot Flap or Marcia but only hit an oil-tank. Blinky took him down by sling-shooting a clump of logs and while trying to escape he bumps into Harry and after getting his bearings he attempted to save Harry from a water-tank only to fall in too. While struggling to climb out Flap accidentally backed their truck into the tank, and though they were free they didn't pursue the animals anymore, possibly too exhausted from trying to get out of the water tank to do so.


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