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Jorge Crackers is a sulphur-crested cockatoo in Blinky Bill the Movie.

Blinky Bill the Movie Edit

In the zoo the female zookeeper brought Blinky Bill in the cage to join the other koalas. As she walked away Blinky tries to get out but then he saw a parrot was sleeping and Blinky's father Mr. Bill is at the zoo. He got imprisoned by those zookeepers with that parrot who says no one ever gets out, but Blinky never gives up and plans to bust out of here. At last they are free, Blinky hugs his dad who has missed him and as a team Blinky tells his dad to meet his new friend Nutsy, but then the parrot wakes up and saw the koalas are free and trying to escape. Jacko arrives from the drain and they escaped to the bathroom and they went outside. Blinky has the idea to built a flyer like a plane, but the parrot arrives and meets Jacko and he says "hello Jorge", Jacko told Blinky to go ahead with Nutsy and Blinky's dad while he deals with the parrot, he loves him like a brother. After reaching the top of the building Blinky with his dad and Nutsy finished the flyer, then Jorge climbed on with Jacko ready to fly, but Sir Claude arrives at the zoo; he saw Blinky's dad is the tail biter and he would pay, he tries to kill him but Blinky saves his dad and kicked Claude off and falls over to the humans and Claude chases him around the zoo. Blinky's dad, Nutsy, Jacko, and Jorge on the flyer need a lift by the two emu friends Beryl and Cheryl and his wife Blinky's mom to rescue Blinky from the crazy wild cat, after Claude has been eaten by a crocodile Blinky hopped on the flyer with his parents and his friends, they passes Wombo with Suzy on the old car and grabs the rope on the flyer all the way home to Greenpatch. At Greenpatch Mayor Cranklepot tells everyone to bow to the new king, but Blinky's dad arrives with Blinky, Nutsy, Jacko, Jorge, and Blinky's mom with the fruit bombs with Splodge, Robert, and Marcia and they all smash him. After the movie was ending Cranklepot swings the bibles and he tries to move back, but Jorge tells him the kid's said higher.

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