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Kiku's mother is an African elephant who borrowed the caravan to take her sick calf to some grass with help of the crew.

Bio in season 3Edit

She only appears in Baby Elephant Walk. At some point she had found the caravan-zeppelin and decided to place her calf in it and took it with them, not knowing that it belonged to Blinky Bill, Nutsy, Flap, Princess Penelope, Yoyo, Tico and Ling Ling, who gasped when they find out they were robbed. They eventually find it, though Blinky had thought humans were the thieves until he saw her. He attacked her but she simply flicked him off, but she does stop for Nutsy. Though she apologized for taking the wagon, she couldn't return it just yet as she still needs it to take her calf to a certain pasture. Luckily the main-characters (except Penelope at first) agreed to help. She also set up a roadblock out of a giant boulder to prevent Basil Circus, Cyril Circus and the expert game trackers from fallowing. Come nightfall she began to tire and eventually relented to resting. The next day they all arrive at the only bridge across the river, she herself was the first to test the bridge's sturdiness and when she successfully made it she began taking the caravan across, nearly succeeding until the ropes snapped and the caravan got stuck, she attempted to go after it, but backs off since the bridge would likely break if she were to add her weight onto it. Luckily Blinky had reattached the ropes and she again pulls the caravan, this time succeeding. With the ordeal of arriving now behind them she gathers some medicinal grass for her calf, eventually Kiku got better and they left, only to return when Basil had Blinky, then grabs Cyril who was still on the caravan to get Blinky back onboard. She was last seen trumpeting farewell to the main characters.


The mother elephant has demonstrated herself to be quite courageous, willing to cross a weakly built bridge and tackle the circus brothers. Like any mother she is noble as well.

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  • Robyn Moore