Leafpatch is a town similar to Greenpatch in the Amazon Jungle. Blinky, Nusty, Flap, Penelope, Yoyo and Tico visit this town when they fly around the world in the episodes Double Trouble and Poisoned Penelope. There lives a Howler monkey named Coco Phil and Sophia who help Blinky and his friends.


Obviously Leafpatch is like a clone of Greenpatch in more ways than one, given the fact that both are located in a forested area and have similar-designed buildings, and that its inhabitants (some if not all) share personalities with those of Greenpatch (the best known example is Coco who shares his with Blinky), and it can also be assumed that it also has the same culture and events. There is even a human-camp where two environmentalists work nearby much like Ms. Glennys Pym and her shop. Despite the similarities there are some differences between them: one is that Leafpatch doesn't seem to be situated on an island like Greenpatch is and that it seems to be far away from waterways, possibly to avoid flooding (Greenpatch has never experienced a flood). The weather also seems to be different, given that Leafpatch is located in a rainforest rain is almost constant, whereas in Greenpatch it rains less often.

Residents Edit

There is also a sloth, an anteater, a guinea pig, a jaguar, an alligator, an iguana, an Andean condor, a peccary, a South American river turtle, a Chilean flamingo and a hare, but they're names are yet to be known.

Gallery Edit

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