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Leo is a member of Blinky Bill's group and traveled with them around the world. He is very easy to scare. His cowardice is the problem when they are in Africa. His son Rex doesn´t welcome him with his gang because he is a coward. Leo must prove that he is a true lion when he saves his son and grandson from poachers.

Bio in Season ThreeEdit


Leo was living an okay life with his son Rex at first, but this all changed when Leo was trapped in a net. It is not exactly known who caught Leo, but he has said that it was poachers who supposedly gave him to the circus bros, and as a result Leo was taken from his home and family and forced to live in the circus. His son was spared, but became resentful of Leo ever-since, mostly on Leo's cowardice even though Leo never intended to leave Rex (and whether Rex was aware that Leo was in trouble himself or even cared is a mystery).

Blinky Bill's Extraordinary Balloon AdventureEdit

He is seen having the job of a real circus-lion: that of a killer-beast. Though once he was done Basil then berated him (unknowingly in front of Blinky, Nutsy and Flap). When Blinky announced they would be leaving with a balloon-caravan he and the rest of the pack made their escape.

In "Leo Leads the Way" he reunites with his son (whose now full-grown and a father himself) and discovers he now has a grandson named Claude, though Rex wasn't entirely thrilled to have him back as he still blames Leo for leaving him back then (even though Leo was unable to help Rex anyway) and Leo returns to the caravan dejectedly. However once he witnessed his son, grandson and Blinky fall into the clutches of the circus bros (and The Poachers they allied with, possibly the same ones that kidnapped Leo back then), Leo was done running and instead drew the humans into one of their own traps. Rex finally reconciles with Leo and the cowardly lion bids farewell to Blinky.


Leo is a coward. He is scared of everything. He therefore has a problem getting respect from his son Rex. However, he has proven to be clever and know how humans think, which is a skill he is now using for the benefit of his pride.


Leo is clearly the Blinky Bill version of the cowardly-lion of The Wizard of Oz. He could also be compared to Tantor of Disney's Tarzan series.

Voice Edit

  • Drew Forsythe


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