Leo Leads the Way
Season 3, Episode 59
BB S3e7 5
Air date 16 June 2004
Written by Fiona Kelly
Directed by David Evans
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A Stitch in Time
Monkey Business

Leo Leads the Way is the seventh episode of Blinky Bill Season 3.


On the African Plains, Blinky takes Leo home, but Rex, the king of the Mumbada pride and son of Leo does not welcome his father due to his cowardice. The Circus Bros. work alongside two poachers and capture Rex, his son Claude and Blinky. Leo comes to the rescue, earning his son's respect and his place in the pride.


Locations Edit



*In the scene where Claude was playing on Leo's head, Leo's body was missing.

*In three scenes, Flap's pants were grey (much like in "Flap's New Family").


  • Leo is the second new friend to leave Blinky's gang.


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