Madam Wu is a panda who lives in a zoo. Blinky´s gang go to rescue her. Flap had a crush on her.

Bio in Season oneEdit

She only appears in Blinky and the Strange Koala. She is first seen balling her eyes out until Blinky Bill called her. Though they couldn't understand her language she could understand theirs and joins them, also making Flap smitten. After Mimi was disguised as her to prevent suspicion she fallows the Australians to Green Patch. Through translation by Wombo Wombat Wu reveals she has nothing against the zoo but she was missing her native home. Flap stopped by to give some flowers which she enjoys, and calling him "honorable Mr. platypus" in Chinese, also Wombo had taught her to speak English. Blinky then devised a plan to disguise her as a koala so she could be sent to China, having her painted to look like Nutsy (enough to fool Flap) and they all return to the zoo, however The King informs that the zoo intend to send a panda back to China, not a koala and Wu and Mimi had the paint removed by a hose (Nutsy also got sprayed by the hose too). She does return to China and at some point sent a letter to Green-patch, with her most heartfelt goodbye being directed at Flap, possibly implying she has a crush on him too or at least knows about his.


Madame Wu was first seen as depressed, mostly from homesickness. While she couldn't speak English at first she seems able to understand it a bit, and whether or not she fell in love with Flap as he fell in love with her is debatable, but she seems to at least be aware of his infatuation as she was glad about the flowers he had given her and in her letter there was a particular form of farewell meant for Flap.


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