Mayor Blinky Bill
Season 1, Episode 23
Blinky Bill Mayor
Air date 23 January 1993
Written by Carol Witt and David Witt
Directed by Yoram Gross
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Blinky Saves Twiggy
Who Is Blinky Bill?

Mayor Blinky Bill is the twenty-third episode of Blinky Bill Season 1.


In Greenpatch fire begins to burn one house and the fire brigade got there late because the road is demaged. Inhabitans of Greenpatch accuse the mayor that he does nothing and the new mayor becomes Blinky. He starts to build a road, but granny Possum won't give up her home. Blinky offers her other houses but there is a place for a rock consert. Blinky gives the rockers another clap for constructing the place, who he choose is the place for gabbing. After further problems, Blinky decides to give back Mayor Pelican his mayor job.


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