Mayor Cranklepot
Mayor Cranklepot
Cranky in Blinky Bill the Movie

Full name

Wilberforce Cranklepot


Blinky Bill the Movie


The Wild Adventures of Blinky Bill



Created by

Dorothy Wall
Flying Bark Productions


Barry Otto (2015 film)
Peter McAllum (2016-2017)


Blinky Bill
William Bill
Betty Bill
Wombo Wombat


Blinky Bill (sometimes)





Wilberforce Cranklepot (knows as Cranky) is the secondary antagonist in Blinky Bill the Movie and The Wild Adventures of Blinky Bill he is a tyrannical goanna and self-appointed mayor of Green-patch. He is a bully and a coward and can't stand anyone who dares to break his ridiculous rules. Blinky is 'Cranky's' arch enemy-the old lizard just can't understand how Blinky can be so naughty and break so many rules, yet remain as likeable and respected as he is.

A devious and deceitful oppressor, Cranky enforces his authority over the majority of ‘Greenpatchians’, who don’t trust his snaky smile one bit. Although he’s an intimidating bully, Cranky is a downright coward when it comes to physical confrontation.


Blinky Bill the Movie Edit

Mayor Wilberforce Cranklepot is the mayor goanna of Greenpatch to tell the others of Greenpatch when Betty arrived on the meeting place, her husband went to the deserts to save the animals, Cranklepot tells where he is, he's dead and Cranklepot is the new leader King Wilberforce Cranklepot and wants to renamed Greenpatch into "Goannasberg," on this including a statue built but then Blinky Bill on the kite throws Cranky the fruit bombs but then the statue broke it and hits Marcia making everyone angry at Blinky, Cranklepot teaches him but Blinky ran off and Cranklepot chases him, Blinky heads to the tree and he tells Cranky about 3 seconds then the tree broke and he falls off. Then Blinky heads to the rainforest, he saw that his dad on this marker but Cranklepot grabs Blinky and brings him back to his house, by the end of the day Cranklepot tells the koalas to turn this tree into his castle Blinky angry at him calls a stupid ant-linker and Betty yells to him to shut his mouth a slinky stupid ant-linker Cranky said OK and told the two koalas to start packing and he be back and they better to be out. Back at Greenpatch Betty tells Cranklepot Blinky's gone to find his father and she has to go find them. After Blinky, his parents and his new friends return home Cranklepot tells everyone to bow to the king, but Blinky arrived with Nutsy, Jacko, Splodge, Robert, Marcia, Jorge, his mother Betty and his father William Bill with the fruit bombs and they smashed him. After the end credits, Cranklepot swings a bilby and tries to escape, but Jorge tells him the kid said "higher" and the bilbies, birds and joeys say "my turn," and Cranklepot groans.

The Wild Adventures of Blinky Bill Edit

Mayor Cranklepot with his henchmen Bandi and Coot

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  • Did i say stop.
  • It's a disgrace! as your king, I demand punishment forthwith!
  • Tell it to the claw, koalas. The whole town's behind me now, thanks to your little stunt. First thing tomorrow, I'm sealing up Goannasburg from the outside world. and then... (Cackles) I'm turning this tree in to my castle.
  • OK Start packing koalas! I'll be back and you better be out!

Gallery Edit

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