Mimi is a koala who lives in a zoo. When Blinky rescues Madam Wu, Mimi changes identity with her.

Bio in Season oneEdit

She only appears in Blinky and the Strange Koala. She is first seen when Blinky Bill, Nutsy, Flap, Marcia and Splodge have to rescue a "koala", though she corrects them and brings the troop over to The King, where she leaves them to it. After the gang find Madam Wu she accepts to be a decoy for the panda to cover her escape: Blinky, Splodge and Marcia paint her to look like a panda and place her in the panda-exhibit. Unfortunately the zoo was planning to return Wu back to China much to Mimi's dismay. Luckily Wu and the gang return and Blinky washes the paint off both of them (and sprays Nutsy in the process).


Mimi is noble as she is willing to help others in anyway she can, even if she regrets it.


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