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Blinky Bill


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Miss Magpie - Blinky Bill; an old fashioned and very proper teacher at Greenpatch school. Consequently, she is often bearing the brunt of Blinky’s mischievous antics. However, she is not completely one-note and truly cares for the kids, taking them camping, bush walking, etc. Miss Magpie even risked her life to rescue Blinky’s gang when they were once caught in an out-of-control balloon.

Bio Edit

Blinky Bill: The Mischievous Koala Edit

She was first seen in the opening sequence playing a piano. In a flashback she kicked Blinky out of class for his mischief, tough he eventually returned when she was teaching the class a song only to mess it up (and put a drawing of her on her butt). She was surprised to see him back, though Blinky claimed he never left, but M. Magpie was doubtful and tested him by singing their song from earlier, though it was silly, and once again she kicks him out. She's not seen anymore after this.

Original series Edit

She is usually a secondary character, but she has gotten some moments in the spotlight: in Blinky Bill the Teacher she quits her job to Blinky after she was humiliated in front of Inspector Fox, though by the end of the episode Blinky returned it to her. In Blinky Bill goes Camping she takes the students on a camping fieldtrip, but by the next episode Blinky Bill and the Earthquake she ends it after the Blinky Bill Gang wandered away and got lost. Luckily in the final episode the gang eventually return in a hot-air balloon (the only problem was they didn't know how to land) and M. Magpie fallows them, plucking her tail-feathers one-by-one to leave a trail for the other adults to fallow and with some help of The Cockatoo saves them all.

Blinky Bill’s White Christmas Edit

She was seen enlisting younglings for an orchestra for a Christmas song, and constantly fell victim to Splodge and Nutsy's failed attempts to make their own snow. She was last seen directing the orchestra.


Television SeriesEdit

Trivia Edit

Though it is never specified what species of magpie she is, she could most likely be an Australian magpie, which have been known to be incredibly paranoid, especially when they have young.

Played by Edit

Gallery Edit

Main article: Miss Magpie/Gallery

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