Miss Pym
Ms.Glennys Pym


Blinky Bill: The Mischievous Koala

Television shows

The Adventures of Blinky Bill
Blinky Bill's Extraordinary Excursion

Created by

Dorothy Wall
Yoram Gross


Robyn Moore (1992-1995)


Arthur (boyfriend)



Full Name

Glennys Pym


Miss Pym's shop



Ms. Glennys Pym is a human lady who runs a shop in the bush and is not particularly fond of koalas. She has a pet Budgie named Cedric.


Blinky Bill (1992 film)Edit

Ms. Glennys Pym appears in the movie at the shop, she finds Blinky Bill and attempts to send him to the zoo, but Blinky escapes.

The Adventures of Blinky BillEdit

She makes a comeback in the series third episode "Blinky Rescues the Budgie". She once again dukes it out with Blinky, only this time Blinky brought his friends along. She also seems to have a fear of mice (including marsupial mice for that matter) as when she first laid eyes on Marcia she freaked out. Blinky and his gang were after her pet budgie Cedric, and upon discovering this she sets out to get him back. She eventually does reunite with Cedric in the end.

Blinky Bill's Extraordinary ExcursionEdit

Pym also appears in the second season episode "Blinky Bill's Holiday" where she was on vacation to a hotel elsewhere in Australia. She also has a boyfriend named Arthur who in turn also has a budgie named Gwendelin who becomes Cedric's girlfriend. Blinky and his friends, who were lost in the wilderness, caught sight of her on the bus heading for the hotel and fallow her in the hopes that she could get them home (since her shop was close to Green Patch), all the while Pym was oblivious to it. Unfortunately upon discovering that the hotel doesn't welcome pets she is forced to smuggle Cedric into the closet of her hotel-room (Arthur does the same with Gwendelin). Blinky meanwhile devised a plan, with Cedric helping out, to pretend to be Pym's pets so she would be kicked-out and take them with her back to home. It didn't exactly work, as while Pym along with Arthur and the budgies were forced to leave the hotel, Blinky and his friends were kept by the hotel-staff (much to their and Cedric's dismay) since she wasn't responsible for their presence. Surprisingly though Blinky and his friends were never punished for the chaos they brought, the staff simply gave them some food and let them go.

Appearances Edit

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