Mr. Rashid picture
Mr. Rashid is a man who caught Yoyo and put him with the Jugglers. He steals peoples wallets.

Bio in season threeEdit

He only appears in Tico Takes Charge. He first arrives by trapping Yoyo in a cage and placing him and the The Jugglers in his truck. He then brings them into a town for a show (though he doesn't allow Yoyo to join), however it was all a diversion for Rashid to steal wallets, that is until Blinky Bill crashed the party and exposed him, where he was sent running by an angry-mob, eventually fleeing in his truck and is never seen again.


Mr. Rashid is quite similar to Basil Circus as Rashid too kidnaps animals for a profit by having the animals do a stage.


A similar-looking man was seen when Tico beckoned humans to see the Jugglers. If this was Rashid then it wouldn't explain why he would want to see them, let alone why he was still in the town itself, even if he did lose the mob.