Mrs. Spotty
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Mrs. Spotty


Blinky Bill: The Mischievous Koala

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The Adventures of Blinky Bill


Dorothy Wall




Robyn Moore (TBA)



Mrs. Spotty is the mother of baby froglets.


Blinky Bill (1992)Edit

She was first seen in a flashback where she was teaching her kids a musical composed by more frogs, until they messed up. Blinky then drops over and offers to takeover, bragging that he has taught others before. Spotty was skeptical but allows it, though Blinky instead started juggling her kids (and is surprisingly a good juggler) until he falls into the water, launching her children into the air. Luckily Spotty managed to catch them.

The Adventures of Blinky BillEdit

She and her children are secondary characters. In Blinky Rescues the Budgie she offers to let Cedric live at her home, but cancels the idea after Cedric disliked her food and put it on her head (with her children laughing at her). She has a bigger role in Blinky Bill and the Baby Show; in this episode Blinky and his friends offer to relieve her from her children to which she accepts. However upon finding her oldest child left unattended she gets angry and chases the gang out of the baby-show along with the other participants, but the gang escape.

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