Ms. Echidna is an echidna who is not fond of Blinky's mischievous behavior. She wears a blue head scarf and a pink dress.

The Adventures of Blinky BillEdit


She apparently been a victim a bunch of times to Blinky's mischief, four in total.

Blinky Bill Meets Mr. EchidnaEdit

She only appears in this episode. She is first seen when Blinky and a car crashed into her house, which reached her breaking-point with Blinky and she moved out of Green Patch. Her absence later attracted termites into the village and Blinky, for once feeling remorseful for his actions, went to where Mrs. Echidna was staying. She welcomes them in her home, though couldn't help them get rid of the termites at the moment, instead she suggested taking Mr. Echidna to do it which he agrees to (and in the process advised Mr. Echidna to teach Blinky some maturity). She is strangely not seen anymore in the rest of the episode and whether she moved back to Greenpatch or not remains a mystery.


Mrs. Echidna is seen as irritable, mostly because of Blinky. However she doesn't seem to hate him all the time as she welcomed him in her new home.


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