The Adventures of Blinky Bill

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Robyn Moore


Blinky Bill (TBA)
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Flap (TBA)
Marcia (TBA)
Splodge (TBA)

Myrtle is Blinky's classmate. She wears a red skirt and a red bow.


Myrtle has only appeared in "Blinky Bill's Fire Brigade" (and she has been seen among wedding guests in the episode "Blinky Bill's Wedding Picnic"). In the episode, she displays interest (possibly romantic) in Blinky after he tricked Miss Magpie into sitting on a balloon. She also supported Blinky's idea of creating a fire-brigade. She then alerts the gang of a fire she had seen, though Nutsy (and maybe Marcia too) only assumed she was just trying to flirt with Blinky again (Nutsy clearly looked jealous even), however Myrtle was completely serious, but it turns out that she actually made a mistake: the "fire" was really just Mrs. Rabbit cooking. After Blinky felt down Myrtle went looking for him and finds him across a small gorge. She attempted to cheer him up, but the moment was ruined when lighting struck the bridge they had crossed and started a real fire. The two took shelter until the storm had passed, but were still stuck by the fire it left behind, which was growing and began suffocating them with smoke, and even after the fire was put out by Blinky's friends he and Myrtle were still kept at bay by smoke. Luckily Nutsy had thrown a rope over to them and they both managed to swing over the ravine, landing in a mud-puddle. Though glad to be alive she snaps at Blinky for getting her dirty and walks away, possibly dumping him as well (much to Blinky's shock). She's never seen again after this (not even in school in later episodes) and it is not known if she remains friends with Blinky.


Myrtle is seen as a flirtatious fellow as she developed feelings for Blinky. She can be serious when she has to, such as when she alerted the fire-department about a fire (even though she turned out to be wrong). She also seems to be a slight neat-freak as when she and Blinky land in mud after swinging over a gorge she was repulsed at herself and blamed Blinky for it, not even thanking him for rescuing her.



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