Full name

Nutsy Koala


Blinky Bill The Mischievous Koala (Working Class Man)
Blinky Bill’s White Christmas
The Adventures of Blinky Bill
Blinky Bill's Extraordinary Excursion
Blinky Bill's Extraordinary Balloon Adventure





Created by

Dorothy Wall
Yoram Gross


Robyn Moore (1992-2005)
Robin McLeavy (2015 film)

Friends and Relatives

Blinky Bill (best friend,step-brother)
Nutsy's mother (mother-deceased)
Mr. Koala(father)
Mrs. Koala (step-mother)


Danny Dingo





This article is about the character. For the film he is featured in, see Blinky Bill. For other uses, see Nutsy (disambiguation)

Nutsy is a younger female koala, she is the daughter of Nutsy's dad and Blinky's best friend and step-sister. They call her "Country Girl".

Nutsy is a domesticated zoo koala who has never lived outside captivity. Losing her parents in a bush fire, Nutsy was rescued by humans and grew up in a zoo. Analytical, pragmatic and a pampered princess, Nutsy enjoys being taken care of and doesn’t have the first clue how to fend for herself.

Alongside Blinky, Nutsy is thrust into an outback adventure where she must overcome her fear of the wild and learn to appreciate the majesty of nature.

Nutsy learns that life outside the enclosure isn’t so scary after all, and most importantly, what it really means to be free.


Nutsy is sweet, intelligent, logical, reasonable, kind, gentle, adorable and beautiful. She advises Blinky about anything he does. Nutsy had a tendency to be a bit of drip because she used to be a "good girl". But she also learns to be less conservative and have more fun and be assertive.

Bio In the BookEdit

In the Book Blinky Bill and Nutsy Blinky finds a koala orphan named Nutsy on a tree. She becomes his friend and follows Blinky with his adventures.

Bio :) Edit

The Complete Adventures of Blinky BillEdit


Blinky Bill The Mischievous Koala (Working Class Man)Edit

Mischievous Koala Blinky saves Nutsy when humans destroy Greenpatch. They go together to find Blinky´s mom. They go to the woodchip mill and Nutsy remains trapped in the woodcutters house. She meets the woodcutter's daughter Clara, but Clara´s father wants to give Nutsy to a zoo. Blinky devises a plan to rescue her and find his mother. After they find Blinky's mother his friends, Blinky, Nutsy and Blinky's mother are seen going away with the car.

In season 1 Edit

Nutsy, in season 1 is Blinky's best friend (and a little bit his girlfriend). In the episode Blinky Bill's Fire Brigade she is jealous of Myrtle because she likes Blinky. In the episode Who Is Blinky Bill? Blinky is jealous of Algenon because Nutsy is interested in him. But at the end she chooses Blinky And shifty because Algenon turNed to be a bad guy and nutsy hates Algenon Nutsy doesn´t have any parents. Her mother died when humans destroyed the old Greenpatch and her father went missing, but he is found in the episode Blinky Bill's Mothers Day. Last episodes is a happy ending. Blinky´s mother and Nusty's father get married and Nutsy becomes Blinky´s step-sister.

In season 2 Edit

Nutsy has a new family in season 2. She lives with Mr. Koala, Mrs. Koala and Blinky Bill. She goes with Blinky to the mine in the episode Blinky Bill and the Earthquake and she, Blinky and the others from the gang are lost. Nutsy finds The Puppy in the episode Blinky Bill and the Lost Puppy. The Puppy thinks that she is Annie (puppie´s owner). Nutsy is very sensitive and she is sad when nobody remembers her birthday (The episode Blinky Remembers Nutsy's Birthday (episode). Blinky must cheer her up and he brings her to a circus-show, where the gang strut their stuff.

In season 3 Edit

In Season 3 when Nutsy hears a circus coming to Greenpatch she, Blinky, Flap and the other kids go to see the circus pass the town, later she tells Blinky that every time humans come to Greenpatch everything usually goes wrong, but Blinky doesn't believe her and as soon as her step-mom leaves Blinky sneaks out, Nusty has to go after him, she tells him he'll get in trouble for this, Blinky just says he won't get in trouble because his mom is out, after Flap joins the two, Nusty joins them because she'll have to keep them out of trouble. After escaping The Circus Brothers at the circus Nutsy, Blinky and Flap start their worldwide adventure to get the circus animals home. In the last episode How Green Is My Greenpatch Blinky Bill rescues Nutsy again from a big fire which was started by Basil Circus. They are rescued by Cyril Circus and a human fire brigade.

Blinky Bill's White ChristmasEdit

In Blinky Bill's white Christmas Nutsy along with Splodge attempt to produce artificial snow.

Blinky Bill the MovieEdit

Nutsy is in movie zoo koala and Blinky meet her, when she is transported to zoo. She becomes Blinky´s best friend and help his find his father. She is afrait of hights

The Wild Adventures of Blinky Bill Edit




Television SeriesEdit


Video GamesEdit

  • TBA

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Trivia Edit

  • Robyn Moore voiced the role of Nutsy in this original tv series and the film.
  • Nutsy wears a purple dress and a pink scarf.

Gallery Edit

Main article: Nutsy/Gallery

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