Nutsy (2015 movie)
Nutsy in CGI
Vital statistics
Title Blinky Bill the Movie
Gender Female
Race TBA
Faction TBA
Health TBA
Level TBA
Status Koala
Location TBA

Nutsy is a domesticated zoo koala who has never lived outside captivity.

Losing her parents in a bush fire, Nutsy was rescued by humans and grew up in a zoo. Analytical, pragmatic and a pampered princess, Nutsy enjoys being taken care of and doesn’t have the first clue how to fend for herself.

Alongside Blinky, Nutsy is thrust into an outback adventure where she must overcome her fear of the wild and learn to appreciate the majesty of nature.

Nutsy learns that life outside the enclosure isn’t so scary after all, and most importantly, what it really means to be free.

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Blinky Bill the Movie Edit

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The Wild Adventures Of Blinky Bill Edit

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