Panda Pandemonium
Season 3, Episode 66
BB S3e14 8
Air date 23 June 2004
Written by Chris Phillips
Directed by David Evans
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Crouching Dragon, Hidden Koala
Jungle Bungles

Panda Pandemonium is the fourteenth episode of Blinky Bill Season 3.


Blinky's gang find the panda villagers and Ling Ling is reunited with her parents, but the pandas are short of bamboo. A weasel named Arthat replaces Tico to catch the pandas for Basil. Ling Ling and Blinky journey to seek plentiful bamboo which turns out to be very promising, then they go with Tico to rescue the pandas and their friends, thus allowing the pandas to go to their new home and Blinky's gang depart from China with the Circus Bros. in tow.





  • The episode's working title was Ling-Ling's Return.
  • Ling Ling is the third new friend to leave Blinky's gang.


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