Polar Peril
Season 3, Episode 56
Polar Peril
Air date 13 June 2004
Written by Gina Roncoli
Directed by David Evans
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Blinky Bill S03E04 Polar Peril 576p SDTV x264 DAWN

Blinky Bill S03E04 Polar Peril 576p SDTV x264 DAWN

Polar Peril is the fourth episode of Blinky Bill Season 3.


The Balloon crashes and Blinky and Nutsy go to a human base for gas. Then they are still arguing where they should go, so they split up. In the Balloon Flap and the others are cleaning but Ling Ling is lost. Flap, Penelope, Leo and Yoyo find her. In the meantime in the human base Blinky and Nutsy find gas but the Circus brothers try to catch them. They escape with a snowmobile. Flap and the others rescue Ling Ling and go to the caravan. Blinky and Nutsy escape the circus brothers with their new gas reserves.



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